"head-huntress.com" is a complete recruiting service for your company's unique hiring needs. We specialize in customized talent search, recruitment, and candidate placement.


  • Do you have unique hiring needs?
  • Do you need "customized candidate search" for a price that makes sense to your organization?
  • Are you ready to deliver your next hire on-time, and under budget?
We are here to serve your unique hiring needs!

    Are you a job seeker? 

    Ask us about the BYOR (Be Your Own Referral) program and how you can receive a percentage of the placement fee when you secure the position for which you refer yourself - consider it a sign-on bonus!

    We offer tailored professional development services for candidates looking to find their dream job!  

    • Career Coaching
    • Resume Review
    • Customized resume writing for job-search needs across all industries
    • Interview preparation.

    Please approach us with confidence!

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