head-huntress.com is a complete recruiting service connecting employers to job seekers worldwide.    

Our specialty is filling positions in niche markets by leveraging our years of experience, existing database of candidates, and a suit of modern sourcing and advertising techniques. 


I help companies find the best fit for their open positions through my proprietary Job Analysis and Candidate Evaluation System (JACES).
I also help job seekers make the best of their job search process by rewarding their efforts with a bonus when they join our  BYOR (Be Your Own Referral) program which will reward the time and effort they put into finding a new job with a percentage of the placement fee.

Expert recruiter with 15+years of experience across multiple verticals in the recruiting industry, successful at  developing and maintaining long-term work relationships with HR partners and and hiring managers, serving the unique hiring needs of Client companies by fine-tuning into the specifics of their job openings and delivering the right candidates for their hard-to-fill roles. 
Multilingual communicator who loves diversity, and who can establish immediate rapport with individuals finding themselves in career exploration by offering valuable information and feedback to help them in their job search.

The goal and purpose of "head-huntress.com" is to provide its Client companies with perfectly matched candidates for their roles, resulting in long-term tenures and a low "turn-over rate. 

Julie Fitzpatrick

Office Manager

Over 15 year of experience managing office operation in both the private and public sectors of the Finance, Manufacturing and Medical industries. 

I am a forward thinking, team oriented professional using my skills and experience to provide the office with the necessary tools to ensure good communication and reliability.  I encourage and facilitate flexibility and constant adaptation to the everchanging landscape which will lead us to fulfill our mission of delivering the right candidate for those hard to fill roles. 

Zena M. Obeid
Recruiting Contributor - Middle East Specialist 

Expert educator, language specialist, and content developer with over 7 years of experience across the United States and Middle East. 

Passionate headhunter with proven success in developing long term professional relationships and using them to pair strong candidates with friendly, professional, and healthy work environments. My goal is to continue offering the best available services to both job seekers and employers in order to reduce turn-over rates and raise productivity.